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Be nice and healthy

Good tips for your skin

Healthy skin is a collateral of one’s attractiveness, which is very important for any girl. Of course, not every girl can brag of perfect skin. Acne, scarring, wrinkles, skin pigmentation are our enemies in the battle for wholesome skin. Luckily, there are expedient modes of real anxiety and cosmetic treatment, which are our allies in this battle, and the chances to gain are entirely high.

  • It’s very easy and admirable to employ real masks with lemon juice for the skin, that is prone by heat-spot, scarring and pigmentation. Lemon natural juice can be mixed with potato starch and honey. Such a face pack is used on the skin areas for 30 minutes. Since, the face pack is rinsed off completely.
  • A good consequence is reached from rubbing of the parsley juice into the skin. Skin, that is liable by pigmentation, can be also smeared in the mornings and evenings with the solution of lemon natural juice and water (1:10). You can substitute water by the infusion of parsley roots.
  • Commercial skincare produces also involve effectual bleaching greases, which are selected individually, depending on the skin color and status. Creams and ointments, containing mercury are very popular. These creams are applied overnight on the in advance purified skin. However, skincare outputs with mercury can’t be used longer than 7 days. It’s recommended to test creams for allergic responses before use.
  • If you are looking for effective solutions of how to get rid of dark spots, attempt some bleaching facilities, such as hydrogen peroxide, lemon acid (2-3 %), vinegar sour (6 percent). Salicylic, lactic, benzoic acids are successfully applied for exfoliation of the skin areas with dark spots.
  • The fastest and the most effectual procedure of skin repair is laser treatment. It permits in a bloodless and almost unpainful method to condense the prevalent skin stratum together with wrinkles, dark spots, scarring and skin formations, i.e. With all those signs of ageing, causing so plenty of angst to a lady. With laser therapy, moreover renewal of the predominant skin layers, renewal of collagen fibers of the dermis deeper layers occurs, which produces an consequence of facelift and assists to remove deeper wrinkles.

So, if dark spots are your merely concern, you may start their treatment from simpler natural means, while laser therapy will provide you with a complicated approach to the trouble of skin ageing and dealing with its signs.

More information about age spots

Something about skincare

Skin care is the proper way to stay youthful and handsome at all age. It doesn’t occupy much times and strains but the effects are grand. How to mind of your skin?

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  1. Beauty treatment. If you are not doubtless about your skin kind either have not much skin fault as for rising and age spots, invite a help of a dermatologist. He will advise good creams, masks and fresheners to obviate creases appearance and remedy skin flaw.
  2. Folk remedies. Nature is a treasure depot of salubrious herbs, fruits and vegetables which can be employed for skin care. Camomile, spikenard, common nettle, calendula, oak bark, sabelnik, tutsan, mint, Melissa strawberry leaves, cumfrey, bur-marigold and other grasses can be annexed to face masks and liquid soaps.
  3. Especial treatment in beauty salons. Women who secure deep skin flaw actually treat them in beauty salons. Peelings, laser peelings, wrinkle straitening face packs, collagen masks are practised there. In case you obtain wakes or don’t know how to remove age spots, experts will help you to construct your skin smoother and younger.   For age spots removal you will be presented:
  • Chemical peeling. A delicate sour solution moves away flat stratum of the skin subjected by hyperpigmentation. This line is generally painless, there is solely a slight burning feeling, ruddiness and swelling of the skin, but they disappear after a couple of days.
  • Laser resurfacing of the face. As a total of the laser spots disappear, the skin is renovated, the skin tone is ameliorated.
  • Phototherapy. Age spots are got rid with the help of intensive pulses. This procedure is painless.

Is it practicable to preclude age spots appearance?

  • If your skin is inclined to appearance of freckles and age spots, take more fruits with vitamin C and folia sour.
  • Wash your face with acid milk and append some acid ointment to face masks.
  • Make particular cosmetology in summertime. It will prevent your face from age spots appearance.

You must go to a cosmetologist and skin specialist in case you get took notice swarthy spots. If you don’t know how to move away age spots, never strive to decipher the trouble by yourself. There is make-up which can bring plenty of harm and worsen the state. A big approach to this skin trouble is a guarantee of good cure.